PHIG Region 8 Hub Leaders Pave the Way for Partnership at First Regional Convening

Region 8 ParticipantsRecognizing the critical role that partnerships play in strengthening the United States’ public health infrastructure, the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) is coordinating with Regional Innovation Hubs across the country to help PHIG recipients and other public health practitioners build sustainable and supportive partnerships. In order to begin building platforms for collaboration, each Regional Innovation Hub will convene PHIG recipients and other public health practitioners at in-person meetings to strategize and innovate around key public health needs within areas that received PHIG funding.

On July 10, Trailhead Institute, a Public Health Institute in Colorado that leads the Hub in region 8 in partnership with the Colorado Health Institute, Montana Public Health Institute, and the Public Health Institute at Denver Health, held the first Regional Hub Convening in Denver. Trailhead Institute and fellow Region 8 Hub leaders brought together PHIG recipients and partners from Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming to deepen connections among partners and build common ground for how agencies will collaborate to address PHIG recipients’ technical assistance needs.

Highlights from the convening included:

  • Spotlight sessions where attendees heard from each organization that received PHIG funding in a rapid-fire workshop to discuss how PHIG is shaping and impacting their work.
  • A Technical Assistance (TA) collaborative forum led by Hillary Hanson of the Montana Public Health Institute where attendees learned from one another’s expertise, brainstormed future TA projects, and discussed how their projects will be achieved.
  • An activity led by Jennifer Edwards from Trailhead Institute focused on the stories we want to tell about the work the region is doing, and how we are collectively shaping the future of public health through PHIG.

Sarah Lampe, executive director of Trailhead Institute, reflected on the importance of PHIG-funded work, sharing “This grant is an opportunity to build an exceptional public health workforce, be responsive to local needs, and be proactive in our support for on-the-ground public health to build the best infrastructure we can. This groundbreaking investment by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and partnership with the National Network of Public Health Institutes, is an exciting opportunity to evolve our nation’s public health infrastructure through local, regional, and national support.”

Sara Schmitt, president and CEO of the Colorado Health Institute, emphasized the importance of the collaborative structure of the Region 8 Innovation Hub, adding, “Region 8 partners – PHIG recipients and technical assistance providers – are learning from and alongside one another to transform public health infrastructure and strengthen the workforce. PHIG resources will support meaningful changes that we are working to sustain into the future.”

Hub leaders and PHIG recipients left feeling empowered, connected, and equipped with fresh ideas to strengthen public health services and the workforce to impact communities in the future. The shared vision for a skilled, strong, and confident public health workforce drove productive discussions and valuable exchanges. Attendees and event hosts are excited to build on this momentum toward lasting changes in the public health landscape.

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