Technical Assistance

The Public Health Infrastructure Grant (PHIG) national partners are proud to offer on-demand technical assistance to all recipients. We encourage all agencies to submit via the PHIVE portal.

Technical Assistance Request Process: What to Expect

Once you submit a technical assistance (TA) request in PHIVE, the request is triaged to a national partner organization—ASTHO, NNPHI, or PHAB—who may assign it to one of their partners or fulfill the TA request in-house with their staff. Occasionally, multiple partners may be involved in the fulfillment of more complex requests. In general, the partners aim to contact the PHIG recipient requestor within three days of submitting the request. If additional coordination is needed, the response time may increase.

Often, a TA request may require a scoping call for the PHIG recipient requestor, the CDC Project Officer, and the TA provider(s). The TA provider will request a call over email with relevant staff to gain additional context and ask any clarifying questions on the request. The TA provider may provide some TA during that call, but most often, TA will be provided in follow-up calls and emails after the scoping call.

To learn more about PHIG technical assistance, please review the national partner's document answering the most frequently asked questions.

What Are the Types of Technical Assistance?

As you will see in the examples below, TA may take the form of resource sharing; feedback or input on documents, processes, plans, etc.; training delivery; coaching; or additional hands-on support like facilitating strategic planning sessions or making workforce development plans actionable.

Explore Examples

Dive into examples of TA requests received through the PHIVE system in Year 1 of PHIG. These example requests are organized by and align with each PHIG strategy area and include the requests’ resolutions with links to resources shared as part of the request:

Strategy A1: Workforce

Strategy A2: Foundational Capabilities

Strategy A3: Data Modernization

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