Retention and Recruitment Workgroup

June 30, 2024 by 11:59 ET

The Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice (Council on Linkages) has a Retention and Recruitment (R&R) Learning Community to identify ways to strengthen the public health workforce.

The R&R Workgroup is charged with advising the Council on Linkages on the creation of this Learning Community for individuals and organizations wishing to improve retention and recruitment initiatives within governmental public health agencies. The Workgroup will contribute to further delineation of the purpose of the Learning Community and establishing parameters and a plan of action for the Learning Community. Workgroup members may be requested to review relevant materials, consider input from public health professionals, guide the selection of the Learning Community format appropriate for meeting the needs of the audiences identified, and advise on topics to be addressed during Learning Community convenings.

The Council on Linkages seeks volunteers with expertise in retention and recruitment or who are interested in the R&R Learning Community to serve on this workgroup and help make the R&R Learning Community a success.  To volunteer, please fill out the form found on this webpage or contact Mayela Arana at Please feel free to share this information with interested colleagues or to suggest individuals to be contacted directly. ​

The kick-off meeting for this workgroup is May 7, 2024. Please register here.

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